More versatile than any other window covering

Ultimate light control
Each Panel can be independently adjusted to temper the light and provide outstanding light control.

Supreme privacy
Shutter Panels can be divided into independently controlled sections allowing natural light in but keeping unwelcome attention out.

Insulating and economical
Shutters not only keep you cool during the summer months, but help retain heat during the winter.

Sound insulation
Adding an additional layer to your glazing, shutters not only block out light but help reduce noise levels too, making them ideal for homes near busy roads.

Awkward shapes
Shutters are possibly the only window furnishing that can be manufactured to suit all window shapes, no matter how curved or angled, small or large.

Low maintenance
Shutters are quick and easy to clean and offer virtually maintenance-free existence-excellent for dust allergy sufferers.

What sets shutters apart
Shutters are more than just a window covering. They are a lifestyle feature, designed to function around your needs.
“Take control of your surroundings, with functional style and privacy”

S:CRAFT Shutters

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